Life Upgrade offers specialized counselling and coaching in the following areas:

Struggles in parenting a teenagersParenting
Tried everything, nothing works?
Your child has a diagnosis and you need guidance?
Your teen is out of control?

Co-Parenting with your partner Co-Parenting
Are you dealing with a toxic Ex-partner?
Do you require conflict resolution?
Do you need help developing a parenting plan?
Wondering what is best for your child?

Seeking a conflict resolution to support you kids duirng Divorce. Divorce
Looking for ways to emotionally support your children?
Looking for ways to emotionally support yourself?
Are lawyers, legal bills, and courts stressing you out?
In need of conflict resolution or a parenting plan?

This Image is for anger managementAnger
Are you constantly yelling at your kids?
Are you getting mad at the people around you?
Is your child threatening you, breaking things or hitting you?
Does your home feel unsafe?

Anxiety DisorderAnxiety
Are you consumed by worries and fear?
Do you find yourself frequently thinking about worse case scenario?
Do you avoid doing things or going places?
Are you missing out on what life has to offer?

Gadget Addiction- Screen time
Gadget Addiction
Is your child obsessed with their device?
Is your teen glued to their phone?
Do your children fight with you, for limiting screen time?
Are you using drugs, alcohol, or food to numb out and suppress painful emotions?

Are you feeling sad and overwhelmed too often?
Has an event negatively changed or impacted you?
Have you lost your energy, joy, and enthusiasm for life itself?
Have you already tried medication, but are still feeling it?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your family?

You deserve a Life Upgrade!

Counselling Sessions: are offered in person or virtually and range from 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Powerful Parenting Program: is offered in person or virtually

This program educates, supports, and helps you as the parent to remove the issues and problems from your home.

If you are willing to invest 3 months of your time, you can change your family’s destiny.

I have taken all my knowledge gained through my education, training, research and working with families since 2006 and designed this program.

This program will transform your parent-child relationship and equip you with practical tools to solve problems right now, or any problem that arises in the future.

You will have 12 weekly Counselling Sessions with me, that are up to 90 minutes in length, as well as consistent e-mail support.

You will be provided with Weekly Modules that will breakdown how to effectively parent through any challenge that you may have with your child.

Week 1: Family Check In

Week 2: Exploring Parenting Style

Week 3: Providing a Secure Attachment and Building Connection

Week 4: Learning to Effectively Communicate and Establish a Teamwork Approach

Week 5: Stress Management

Week 6: Teaching our Children about Emotional Regulation and Brain Development

Week 7: Pause and reflect Week

Week 8: How to Effectively Discipline

Week 9: Emotional Intelligence

Week 10: The ‘Scary Teenage Years’

Week 11: Children with Complex Needs

Week 12: Program Wrap Up



Life Upgrade