Empowered Parenting Program- Premium Package Price: $699USD




Are you ready to empower yourself as a parent to finally solve your family’s ongoing issues and problems, then this is the program for you! I will teach you how to create and maintain a healthy parent-child relationship to overcome any current issues or problems your family are having.
This program has proven results-SEE TESTIMONIALS PAGE This is a 1-1 weekly counselling program that educates, supports, and helps you as the parent to remove the issues and problems from your home.
If you are willing to invest 3 months of your time and some money, then you can change your family’s destiny. I have taken all my knowledge gained through my education, training, fostering high needs male teenagers, child development research and working with families since 2006 and designed a program to solve your family’s problems.
This program will transform your parent-child relationship and equip you with practical tools to solve problems right now, or any problem that arises in the future. You will have 12 weekly Counselling Sessions with me, that are 60 minutes in length, as well as consistent e-mail support in between counselling sessions as you need it.
These sessions can be a combination of scenarios that include one parent, two parents, the child (age based) or the family together. You will be provided with 12 Weekly Modules that will breakdown how to effectively parent through any challenge that you may encounter with your children.

These Weekly Modules is the Parenting Manual that you will have for life!


Week 1- Family Check-In
Week 2- Exploring Parenting Style
Week 3- Providing a Secure Attachment and Building Connection
Week 4- Learning to Effectively Communicate and Establish a Teamwork Approach
Week 5- Stress Management
Week 6- Teaching your Children about Emotional Regulation and Brain Development
Week 7- Pause and Reflect Week.
Week 8- How to Effectively Discipline
Week 9- Emotional Intelligence
Week 10- The ‘Scary Teenage Years’
Week 11- Children with Complex Needs
Week 12- Program Wrap Up


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